Colossians 2:6

Saturday, 15 April 2017

As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, Colossians 2:6

Paul now states for the consideration of those at Colossae (and thus us!), “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord…” The Greek literally reads “the Christ Jesus the Lord.” This is stated based on everything he has said about Christ Jesus to this point. All of the marvelous detail concerning Him in Chapter 1, and then the note in verse 2:3 that “in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,” were intended to demonstrate what they had originally believed, that Jesus Christ is the Lord (meaning Yehovah of the Old Testament). As He is, then He is God.

This is the what they had received. He then reexplains this to them by saying “Christ Jesus the Lord.” Unfortunately, this article is missing in the translation of almost all versions in this verse. The ISV and the Weymouth correctly inserted it –

So then, just as you have received the Messiah Jesus the Lord, continue to live dependent on him.” ISV

As you can see, “the article points out Christ Jesus in his full style and title as the Person whom the Colossians had received, and received as the Lord” (Pulpit Commentary). This then is highlighting the lordship of Christ Jesus, not his messiah-ship. The term “Christ” in Greek is the same in meaning as “Messiah” in Hebrew. The question of His messiah-ship is resolved by the use of the title, but what does that mean? It means that He is Yehovah; He is God.

Having said that, if the Christ Jesus is not the Lord, then He would be a false Messiah. There are many supposed Messiahs, but there is one who is the Lord. Therefore, though the stress is on Jesus being “the Lord” in this verse, being “the Messiah” necessarily means that it is speaking of “the Lord.” The true Messiah will be the Lord, and Jesus is that true Messiah. This is what Paul is so carefully and meticulously telling his audience. With that in mind, he then says, “…so walk in Him.”

This is a note of care, caution, and confidence. They had received Christ properly. They had been re-advised of who he is with Paul’s careful explanation of the Person, and thus he asks them to continue to live out their life with this knowledge, and not swaying from it. They were not to be seduced by either the Judaizers who wanted them back under the law which was fulfilled by the Christ, nor were to they to be duped into believing in a false Christ who is not the Lord by the gnostics or other Greek philosophers.

The term “walk” is used to indicate a manner of life. If one follows a false Christ, they will have an aberrant walk. But in knowing the true Christ, who is the Lord, one will be careful to walk in accord with His expectations.

Life application: The Christ Jesus is the Lord. Do you believe this? If so, you are in the sweet spot and on the heavenly highway. If not, you have believed in a false Christ, and you are on the road to the Lake of Fire. To walk in the Christ Jesus who is the Lord will keep you from an eternal swim with any false Christ who is not the Lord.

Lord God Almighty, You have set the path of salvation before mankind. You have offered Your Son in fulfillment of Scripture, and who fulfilled the law. We can walk in Him, or we can attempt to please You on our own merits… and fail. Why do we strive against You by setting aside the grace which You so lavishly desire to bestow upon us? Help us to be faithful to follow along the narrow path of life and to avoid that wide path to perdition. Amen.

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