The CG Report (19 June 2022) – Canada – ‘No, you don’t have those rights.’ – Podcast Audio

It’s a troubling world, and it’s hard to figure how people can be so off in their thinking, but it has become a chronic problem. Find out more with this week’s report.

The CG Report (12 June 2022) – The City Spiritually Called Sodom and Egypt – Podcast Audio

The downward spin into oblivion continued unimpeded over the last week. We hope this week’s update will be informative for you.

The CG Report (5 June 2022) – Nummy, Nummy, Good-Good-Goode – Podcast Audio

Another amazingly busy week of information that is telling us, with all certainty, that the world is going down the tubes. Get ready, the ride may be bumpy…