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Acts Bible Study

Dec 4, 2016   //   by The Manager of Site   //   Acts, Acts Bible Study, Bible Study  //  4 Comments

This is our playlist for the Acts series.


Sorry, but only the last 2 studies are on this playlist.



  • Howdy Charlie – we see that only the last 2 studies in Acts are on your playlist. We’re going to have our study group going through Acts after we complete Exodus. do you have a playlist the book of Acts? Maranatha

    • I will send you my notes, which are VERY sparse. I didn’t even start taking them until about CH17, but I will include some other ACTS things for you as well. We didn’t start recording videos until these last two.

  • Hello Pastor, I have really enjoyed listening to your Bible studies and reading your notes, they have been such a blessing to me in my understanding of the scriptures. Because I have enjoyed your lessons so much, I feel really bad asking and somewhat embarrassed, but, is there any way I could have a copy of your notes on the book of Acts?

    We here in Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA) are praying for you and your ministry. We appreciate everything you do for His service and His church!!

    We love you brother, God bless!

    Please do NOT feel obligated on those notes, that is only if you like and are willing and able, once again, thank you for everything Pastor!!!!

    • Randy,

      Thank you so much for your MOST kind words. I will send them to the email that is provided on this post. If you have not received them immediately, please send me an email in the CONTACT page on the website! God bless you. Charlie

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