9 – Doctrine – Once Saved Always Saved? Or, “Not So!” – Podcast Audio

The 9th sermon of our series on doctrine. Is salvation of the human soul eternal, or can that be lost? Your answer will tell just how much you understand the nature of God and His decrees. Please enjoy this sermon.

7 – Doctrine – Salvation By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone – Podcast Audio

Continuing on in our series on doctrine. We hope this sermon will bless you and correct any misperceptions you might have concerning several incorrect points of doctrine.

6 – Doctrine – Jesus Christ, The God-Man – Part III – God’s Atoning Sacrifice for Sin – Podcast Audio

In this sermon, we detail why Jesus Christ had to be both God and Man in order to atone for sin. We hope this sermon will bless you and provide you with the instruction you need to pursue Christ as He is portrayed in Scripture.