104 – Exodus 40:17 – 38 (The Lord in Their Midst) – Podcast Audio

A marvelous ending to the book of Exodus. This is a detailed analysis of the literal/historical/pictorial/and prophetic applications to these verses. We do hope this sermon will bless you abundantly.

103 – Exodus 40:1-16 (Seven I AM’s) – Podcast Audio

An amazing pattern is seen between these verses and that of the 7 I AM statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John. We hope that this sermon will bless you abundantly and give you confidence in the reliability and inspiration of the Holy Bible.

102 – Exodus 39:1-43 (And Moses Blessed Them) – Podcast Audio

We took a completely different track today and went through Hebrews 7, showing how these priestly garments point to the inferiority of the Mosaic Law to that of the New Covenant in Christ’s shed blood. It is a marvelous passage to consider. We hope this sermon blesses you… We truly-duly doo.

101 – Exodus 38:9-31 The Always Evident Lord – Podcast Audio

A narrative based on these verses, used as an example of how one can determine the meaning of the tabernacle implements and construction. A bit different from our regular sermons, but we hope you will enjoy this!

100 – Exodus 38:1-8 (Justified and Sanctified Before Our God) – Podcast Audio

A theological presentation of what the brazen altar and bronze laver picture in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. We sure hope that this sermon blesses you abundantly!