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Hebrews 10:35

Feb 21, 2019   //   by Charlie Garrett   //   Daily Writing, Epistles, Epistles (written), Hebrews, Hebrews (written), Writings  //  13 Comments

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. Hebrews 10:35

The word translated as “confidence” should be translated as “boldness.” The author is making a connection to verse 3:6 where the reader was admonished to “hold fast the boldness of hope.” The word, “Therefore,” directs the reader to review the previous verses, and to act according to what the author has already submitted. With this understanding, he then says, “do not cast away your [boldness].”

The people, as already noted, have been bold in their actions. His exhortation is to not shrink back from this. Rather, they are to stand fast and be bold, “which has great reward.” What that great reward is will be explained in the verses to come.

Some older scholars note that the author may have been thinking of the ancient Greek warriors who went into battle carrying shields for protection. If a warrior cast away that shield in fear during the battle, it was the highest disgrace, punishable by death. Paul notes the shield of faith in Ephesians 6:16, and he may be asking the reader to hold that shield no matter what. To cast it away would only lead to a sad end.

Life application: In an attempt to not be a downer, it is nice to focus on the happy and uplifting side of the Bible. However, there is a place for understanding our difficulties in Christ as well. At least as much is said of the trials and hardships we can expect as of the blessings. But, despite being promised trouble in this life, Jesus gives us an eternal promise that is so much greater. This is the point of the recent verses of Hebrews. The writer understood the trials the believers were facing. He knew there was an easier path that would have been a lot more comfortable in the short term. But the faithful Christian’s life isn’t just about comfort, ease, and prosperity. Rather, it is about persevering during trials. The majority of the first chapter of the book of James is about how to persevere during these situations. When the persevering is finished and this earthly life ends, the patience and confidence we possess will be richly rewarded. Humans have an infinitely small speck of eternity in this earthly body and yet we anxiously grab at every moment as if it were all we were given. For the believer, such is not the case! When Christ comes for His church, the difficult years we have spent will all but be forgotten. As Jesus said in the last chapter of the book of Revelation –

“And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.” Revelation 22:12

If we are to be rewarded according to our work, let us endeavor to work while we can and forget about pursuing the things of this world. Fun now will mean a loss when He comes. Our patient endurance and hard work for His kingdom will have eternal benefit. Press on!

Lord, give us minds to see the eternal and not just the temporary. Turn our hearts to the satisfaction of living out our present hours for You and for Your glory that we may receive that rich reward promised in Your word. Yes Lord, help us not to squander our eternal blessing in the here and now. Amen.


  • Thank you so very much for the encouragement to day. It is not easy for me to persevere all the time. Sometimes I am I ready to give up, especially when facing health issues which are many. It seems that there are more times of adversity than ‘good times’. So the word this morning cheering me on to run the race to the end has been timely and helpful. As I was pondering on the Life Application, the words of a dear old hymn came back to me – another source of encouragement.
    “O land of rest for thee I sigh, when will the moment come,
    When I shall lay my armor by and dwell in peace at home.
    We’ll work, till Jesus comes, And we’ll be gathered home.”
    Thank you S.W

    • Ruth,
      Thank you for sharing the beautiful hymns in your posts. You are an encouragement.

  • thank you and thank you ruth

  • So good to hear this exhortation to not lay aside our shield of faith, and to go the easy way. You mentioned our mind Charlie, and our pastor just said that the helmet of salvation is there to protect our mind by reminding us of our great salvation so that our emotions don’t rule our decisions and lead us away from the thoughts of God.

    • Amen!

    • Amen to that. He is right.

  • BLESS GOD PRAISE JESUS! It’s Thursday! I cannot chat during live but I get to watch it and then go watch again and leave comment and thumbs up on YouTube

  • Have a snazzy day everyone!

  • Sean that was a great answer about light you shared with us yesterday 🙂
    Ruth I hear ya about encouragement! Health issues can be a huge obstacle in our walk with the lord. I went through a particularly bad period in my life and almost gave up hope of getting better. Long story short I decided to put a silver lining around my disability and remind myself everyday that no matter how bad the pain is there is someone out there that would gladly trade places with me to be able to do just the simplest things I took for granted everyday. I thank God every day for everything I have and am able to do on my own. See, hear, stand, walk, hold, everything we take for granted. One of My personal joys in heaven will be to see the people that have no legs or no arms or both missing, people that will see for the first time or hear for the first time, the people whose bodys have failed them leaving them wheelchair bound or bed ridden for life. Amen oh as far as me the lord when I was at my lowest provided an answer to my problems and exactly two weeks after what was to me a last ditch effort to feel better! My life changed dramatically I could not walk even one step with out great pain in my feet, I had trouble just sitting on the edge of my bed with out pain. At the two week mark of trying a all natural remedie I was again starting to resign myself to this is how it’s going to be for the rest of my life so deal with. I went to bed that night in my usual pain, in the morning expecting the worse I sat on the edge of my bed….NO PAIN …….I then stood up on my feet…NO PAIN. OMG I was beside myself with joy. I walked out to my kitchen NO PAIN the tears of joy were starting to well up in my eyes. I started thinking that this was just a temporary reprieve but That was six + years ago and I have never felt better. WOW Thank You Jesus so yes using the silver lining approach really changed my life and appreciation of what I have and how the lord watches over us even in what we think are our darkest times.
    And I have no idea why I just shared that with everyone??? Fingers went into auto type mode

    I guess the lord thinks someone needs to hear my trials and tribulations of life lol well I pray this is a blessing to who ever needed to read this.

    We ARE another day closer to home
    Grace mercy and peace on you and yours
    God bless my friends we fly soon

    • Oops that part about the people with no arms etc that will be a huge personal joy to see them whole again amen

    • I had no idea about this. Wow Gordon. What a blessing to read. <3

  • Thank you Charlie and thank you folks for taking the time to post you are all such a blessing.

    • And thank you Kathleen. God bless you!

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