Numbers 21:10-20 (Filling Wineskins)

Numbers 21:10-20
Filling Wineskins

I admit that I had no idea what this passage was about until I sat down on 25 March and did the study. Glad I did.

If anybody here is old enough to remember Johnny Horton, or at least his music, he was a singer during the 1950s who did some great tunes, a couple of which were about wars.Read the rest

Numbers 21:1-9 (The Standard of the Lord)

Numbers 21:1-9
The Standard of the Lord

It is an amazing set of nine verses today. The first three seem completely disconnected from the final six, but they are not. And more, their placement has caused countless scholars to scratch their heads and look for rather odd explanations as to how they ended up in this spot.Read the rest

Numbers 20:14-29 (From Kadesh to Mount Hor)

Numbers 20:14-29
From Kadesh to Mount Hor

Taking these Old Testament stories, and then combining them with truths found in the New Testament, one can see pattern after pattern jump off the Bible’s pages. Concerning Aaron and his office, this is no surer than when one reads the books of Romans and Hebrews.Read the rest

Numbers 20:1-13 (The Waters of Meribah)

Numbers 20:1-13
The Waters of Meribah

Biblical theology is constantly argued over. There are countless doctrines which people cling to. Replacement theology says the church replaced Israel. Dispensationalism says this is incorrect and that Israel remains Israel, and the church is merely grafted into the commonwealth of Israel.

However, among dispensationalists, there are varying views as well.Read the rest

Numbers 19:11-22 (The Water of Purification)

Numbers 19:11-22
The Water of Purification

When considered, as we will do today, the verses here are highly confusing and hard to grasp. And so, to start us out, I’ll give an example for us to think about. It is somewhat analogous to what we will look at.

Suppose we have to give someone a bath.Read the rest

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