1 Timothy 5:7

Thursday, 18 January 2018

And these things command, that they may be blameless. 1 Timothy 5:7

The words here encompass both the responsibilities of the family for caring for widows, and for the conduct of the widows as was then described. “These things” encompasses both. It is inappropriate for believers to thrust the care of their own family upon the church, and it is inappropriate for widows who have sufficient means to care for themselves to live in wanton pleasure. In both situations, they could not “be blameless.”

But in following Paul’s commands concerning the matter, the church would be secured from undue burdens, and the families would properly bear the responsibilities God has placed in their path concerning women found in this sad position of widowhood.

Life application: Each church has its own method of conducting its affairs, but each church should use the Bible as its over-arching rule and guide. Not all issues that arise are discussed in Scripture, but general principles are. When a church follows what is mandated, it will be more likely to properly and effectively handle those things which the Bible is silent on. Stay in the word, and be schooled in the Bible at all times. In this, the unexpected can be more appropriately handled by the church.

Thank You, O God, for the general outline of principles laid out in Your word. The things that aren’t addressed there are more easily handled nonetheless because of the overall guidelines which touch on so many issues in our lives. Your word gives a broad outline of human responsibility, and from it we can fill in the many blanks of day to day life. And when we do, things go so much better for us. Thank You for this precious word. Amen.

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