1 Timothy 3:14

Monday, 18 December 2017

These things I write to you, though I hope to come to you shortly; 1 Timothy 3:14

This words of this verse are intended to cover everything already stated that ensures right ordination of those who are selected as leaders. The statement, “These things I write to you,” are generally considered to be concerning the ordination of men to the positions of overseer and deacon, but are certainly inclusive of the exhortations and prohibitions of the previous chapter, particularly the prohibitions. In order to determine who was qualified, he first had to exclude those who were not to be considered in the process.

His next words include a thought which has to be understood from the context. He says, “though I hope to come to you shortly.” Charles Ellicott notes, “The participle here has a concessive form, ‘though I hope,’ &c. ‘I write these special urgent directions to you, though my hope is that I shall be with you sooner than such detailed instructions presuppose.’”

In other words, it was Paul’s hope to be present for the selection and ordination process, but that may or may not actually occur. These words show us that Timothy was probably not the permanent leader of the church at Ephesus. If he were, then he would be the one to make these selections. But the need existed, Paul was unavailable, and so Timothy is being instructed in the process as an expediency.

Life application: The wisdom of God is seen all over this epistle. Even this verse shows us that the Lord had kept Paul back from Ephesus so that there would be a need to write these directions. In writing the epistle, it would eventually become a prescriptive part of the Bible, maintained for all time to ensure that proper selection and ordination procedures would be followed from that time and thereafter.

Lord God, the more Your precious word is studied and contemplated, the more the wisdom behind its writing is seen. What a beautiful tapestry of wonder and delight is found in this glorious gift, given graciously, by Your guiding hand. Thank You for revealing to us Your wisdom in the pages of the Bible. Amen.

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