Numbers 36:1-13 (The Inheritance of Zelophehad)

Numbers 36:1-13
The Inheritance of Zelophehad

We have thirteen verses before us to close out the book of Numbers. In these thirteen verses, the idea of an inheritance is mentioned seventeen times. The inheritance, then, is an obviously important point that the Lord wants us to consider.

And, although this deals with only one family in one tribe, it actually possibly affects the inheritance of all of the people of Israel.Read the rest

Numbers 35:22-34

Numbers 35:22-34
Until the Death of the High Priest

Concerning the passage before us, Albert Barnes says –

β€œThe atoning death of the Saviour cast its shadow before on the statute-book of the Law and on the annals of Jewish history. The high priest, as the head and representative of the whole chosen family of sacerdotal mediators, as exclusively entrusted with some of the chief priestly functions, as alone privileged to make yearly atonement within the holy of holies, and to gain, from the mysterious Urim and Thummim, special revelations of the will of God, was, preeminently, a type of Christ.Read the rest

Numbers 35:9-21 (A Place of Refuge)

Numbers 35:9-21
A Place of Refuge

When I was young, probably about ten, my parents took my brothers and me to a place in North Carolina that had a golf course where the first tee-off point was off the side of a mountain. It was a nice place and, having never golfed in my young life, I went out with a few others to hit balls off the side.Read the rest

Numbers 35:1-8 (The Levitical Cities – A Prophecy Fulfilled

Numbers 35:1-8
The Levitical Cities – A Prophecy Fulfilled

The passage today is another step toward that final step where Israel will cross over Jordan and into their long-awaited inheritance. For the tribe of Levi, the inheritance is different than for that of the other tribes, and yet, it is uniquely tied to the inheritance of the tribe of Simeon in one way.Read the rest

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