Exodus 29:15-25 (The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons – Part II)

Exodus 29:15-25
The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons, Part II

The details for the consecration of Aaron and his sons are lengthy and they are complex. They were given by God in order to have a line of people who would be acceptable ministers to God on behalf of the people.… Read the rest

Exodus 29:1-14 (The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons – Part I)

Exodus 29:1-14
The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons, Part I

Towards the end of chapter 28, the Lord told Moses the purpose of the special garments which were made for Aaron and his sons. In verse 41, he said –

“So you shall put them on Aaron your brother and on his sons with him.… Read the rest

Exodus 28:31-43 (Clothed in Majesty and Righteousness)

Exodus 28:31-43
Clothed in Majesty and Righteousness

On Tuesday morning, while at my morning job and thinking about completing this sermon, I was pondering how people get duped into things concerning bad doctrine. The Hebrew Roots movement rejects Christ’s grace and reinserts the requirements of the law.

It basically says, “What Jesus did on that cross wasn’t enough.”… Read the rest

Exodus 28:15-30 (The Breastplate of Judgment)

Exodus 28:15-30
The Breastplate of Judgment

There is a truth in the Bible that needs to be restated often, but which often goes unstated. God is Just. When sin is committed, and all sin, judgment must be rendered upon that sin. If the God we worship does not judge our sin, then He is not just, and we are worshipping the wrong God.… Read the rest

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