Romans 6:8


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, Romans 6:8

This verse, taken in context with 6:5 – 6:11 is speaking not so much of the physical resurrection of our bodies, which is yet future, but the right now life which has been granted. It is the spiritual life which was lost at Adam’s time. This is certain because sin is what caused the spiritual death (physical death resulted from the spiritual death) and Paul speaks of our death to sin during these seven verses.

“Now” or as a result of what has been said.

“If we died with Christ” is speaking about our death to sin; it being crucified with Him.

“We believe” – it is faith in God’s word and actions through Christ that we stand certain of what has been accomplished.

“That we shall also live with Him.” – We are positionally in the new state already and our hope and faith stands in the fact that it will be realized in us actually at some future point.

So how can we know that this is “in position” at this time but not yet actually obtained? The answer is that our physical, mortal bodies still die. We all go to funerals of saved loved ones and each of us is heading there too, unless the Lord comes first. If we were actually glorified and sinless, then this wouldn’t be the case. The fact that our spiritual life is regenerated the moment we come to Christ is where our hope lies; not in a certainty that we are now sinless. We are clothed in Christ, covered by Him, and awaiting our final state. The surety of the sealing of the Holy Spirit is the surety that we, like Christ, will come forth from our graves to eternal physical life as well as the spiritual life we now possess.

This is the great hope of every believer. We shall not only live forever, but we will do it in a physical body and in a sinless state. Coming some glorious day to a resurrection near you!

Life application: The surety of Christ is the promise of eternal life. Though we will miss our departed loved ones, we know that those who have received Christ are only gone from the body, but not gone forever. They are with Christ awaiting the moment when we shall all be raised together at the sound of the glorious trumpet.

Jesus is alive! And I know that through the power of the resurrection, I too shall join Him in the promise of ever-lasting life. There is no fear as I contemplate my days ahead – whether they are filled with ease or the trials of a body worn out by hard years or debilitating disease. These things are temporary, but some beautiful day they will be behind me forever. Thank You Lord. Amen.

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