Ruth 1:15-22 (Returning to the Promised Land)

Ruth 1:15-22
Returning to the Promised Land

Introduction: As we walk along life’s highway, we never really know where we are going, do we? We may have plans, maps, and gas for a trip, but in reality we are as blind to what will happen one second from now as if our physical eyes were blind and we were on a twisting, crooked, dangerous path.… Read the rest

Ruth 1:6-14 (Bread in the Land of Promise)

Ruth 1:6-14
Bread in The Land of Promise

Introduction: Last week we saw the miserable state that Naomi found herself in after ten years in Moab. Her husband and both her sons had died and she was left alone with her two daughters-in-law. The story continues now with news from Israel that will impel her to make the move back to her homeland.… Read the rest

Ruth 1:1-5 (Famine and Heartache)

Ruth 1:1-5
Famine and Heartache

Introduction: The book of Genesis is behind us and Exodus is the next logical place to continue our journey. But before we go there, we’re going to take a short trip through the book of Ruth. If we were to follow the same time-frame as the book of Genesis for the next six books before Ruth, it could be many years before we actually get there.… Read the rest

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