Romans 3:7


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

For if the truth of God has increased through my lie to His glory, why am I also still judged as a sinner? Romans 3:7

A third line of reasoning based on man’s unclear thinking is given. “For” looks back to the previous two examples. Paul is making his case by citing arguments people either had or could give to justify both their sin and why God should overlook it.

“If the truth of God has increased through my lie…” God, throughout His word as well as through the moral compass he has placed within man, lets us know that sin will be punished. In punishing sin, God is shown to be the holy Being that He is. His punishment of our sin because of His holiness demonstrates that He is truthful in His judgments; He says He will punish and then He follows through with it. This validates the truth of God to us and thus brings Him glory.

As this is true and God is proven truthful and glorified through my lying, then how can He punish me? I have only increased His glory… see the great thing I have done! This is the faulty reasoning of the one attempting to justify his perverse actions.

There are several points which have to be considered in this. The first is that the lying is actually intended to do the opposite of what is claimed here. Lying, in and of itself, is intended to protect and elevate self, not God. When one lies, it is motivated by and promotes self-serving interests, not another’s glory.

Secondly, if “the truth of God is increased through my lie to His glory” because He has promised to judge sin, then if He doesn’t judge my sin, the result would be that the truth of God isn’t increased through my lie at all! The question, “Why am I also still judged as a sinner” is invalidated by the faulty premise of the question in the first place.

Finally, God doesn’t need man to be glorified. He is glorious in and of Himself. The “glory” which is reasoned by the one proposing the argument is the glory of God in the eyes of His creation, not God’s innate glory. Likewise, the truth of God isn’t “increased” in God – God is truth. Rather the increase is found in our realization of it. Again, God’s character isn’t dependent on man and He isn’t dependent on what we think about Him. Our perceptions of Him don’t change His truth or His glory.

The answer to, “Why am I still judged as a sinner?” is found in the fact that I am a sinner and I am deserving of punishment based on my sin. To attempt to justify sin by using faulty reasoning can only added to my judgment, not somehow fool God into throwing up His hands and overlooking my misdeeds.

Life application: There is no excuse for sin and all sin will be dealt with through punishment. As you go about your day, don’t try to rationalize away your wrongdoings. Once you have accepted that sin necessitates a penalty, then take the time to give God praise for what He has done for you in Jesus. The cross of Calvary was a high price for the sins we so easily dismiss.

Heavenly Father, when I realize that You have no need for me in order for you to be glorified, then it makes it all the more incredible that You were willing to send Jesus to save me. I stand in utter amazement at the price that was paid for my willful disobedience committed in Your presence. Thank You, O God, for Jesus. Amen.

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