99 – Exodus 37:1-29 (Christ in Every Detail) – Podcast Audio

different type of sermon today. We go through theological implications of Christ’s work as they compare to the furniture found in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle. We sure hope that you are blessed abundantly by this passage and its analysis!

98 – Exodus 36:1-28 (The People’s Offering) – Podcast Audio

A detailed look into these verses. We certainly hope that this sermon will bless you abundantly. Please seek the Lord now and always. If we can help through our sermons, then that is bonus!

97 – Exodus 35:20-35 (Offerings and Artisans) – Podcast Audio

A detailed analysis of these verses with their literal/historical/prophetic/and pictorial meanings. We sure hope that this sermon will edify you and build you up in Christ the Lord.