Jonah 4:5 -11 (The Law and Grace – An Object Lesson) – Podcast Audio

We complete the book of Jonah with this sermon. Included here is a most surprising end to chapter 4. We sure hope that you will be abundantly blessed by this masterpiece of literature, directly from the heart of God.

Jonah 3:5-10 (From the Greatest to the Least) – Podcast Audio

A marvelous passage which demonstrates the great mercy of God on those who are willing to repent and turn to Him in humility. We do hope that this sermon will bless you abundantly.

Jonah 2:5-10 (Salvation is of the Lord) – Podcast Audio

A detailed analysis of these verses to include their literal, historical, prophetic, and pictorial applications. Marvelous stuff is to be found in these six verses. Please enjoy!

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