Acts 10:40

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Sunday, 9 October 2022

Him God raised up on the third day, and showed Him openly, Acts 10:40

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Peter just noted concerning Jesus, saying, “they killed by hanging on a tree.” With that, he now says, “Him God raised up on the third day.” The translation of the NKJV does not match the text used by their translators. Rather, they have added in the word “on” without italicizing it. Instead, the Greek of their source text reads “This [One] God raised the third day.”

However, some manuscripts include the word en or “in” by saying, “This [One] God raised up in the third day.” Either way, the meaning is obvious. It is not “three and then rise,” as if he rose on the fourth day, but “on the third day.” This is carefully recorded both as Jesus’ word prior to the resurrection and in Acts and the epistles after the resurrection –

“Now while they were staying in Galilee, Jesus said to them, ‘The Son of Man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men, 23 and they will kill Him, and the third day He will be raised up.’ And they were exceedingly sorrowful.” Matthew 17:22, 23

In all, the resurrection on the third day is noted thirteen times. With that clearly and unambiguously stated by Peter now, and with it confirmed in those other instances, Peter next says, “and showed Him openly.”

The Greek implies more than the translation, saying, “and gave Him to become manifest.” The meaning is further explained in the next verse. He was not shown openly, as if everyone would behold Him, but he was made manifest to those whom God determined should see Him. Being manifest means fully presented before them as an undoubtable proof that it was Him, that it was His same body (personage) even if glorified, and that He had prevailed over the agony of the cross. Those who saw him are clearly identified in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 (see commentary on the previous verse).

Life application: Today, it is as common as snowflakes in a blizzard for people to claim that Jesus rose “after” three days. This is based on a faulty understanding of Matthew 12 –

“But He answered and said to them, ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. 40 For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. 41 The men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here. 42 The queen of the South will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and indeed a greater than Solomon is here.’” Matthew 12:39-42

By the misunderstanding of Jesus’ words, it is claimed that Jesus rose after three days. As it is as obvious as lies from a politician that Jesus rose on a Sunday, it has become fashionable to claim that Jesus was crucified on a Thursday. Some even claim it was a Wednesday. First, the “sign of Jonah” is not that Jonah was in the belly of the great fish. The sign of Jonah is his preaching –

“And Jonah began to enter the city on the first day’s walk. Then he cried out and said, ‘Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!’” Jonah 3:4

That is stated by Jesus in Matthew 12:41 but it is also more explicitly seen in Luke 11 where the note about the great fish is entirely omitted. Further, the term “three days and three nights” is an idiomatic expression found in Esther 4:16 and it means any part of those days, as the text there clearly indicates. As such, the account of Jesus’ resurrection being “on the third day” as noted thirteen times in the New Testament does not at all contradict Jesus’ words in Matthew 12. Rather, it shows a lack of proper study by those who try to reconcile something that needs no reconciliation.

In other words, don’t believe everything you hear until you check things out for yourself. Study, pray, and contemplate. There are no contradictions in the Bible, just issues that are presented for every level of scholarly study. Think of a tall bookshelf. There are shelves where little children can reach and there are shelves that only those who have grown can reach. The Bible presents things easy enough for children to understand, and it presents things so complicated that the smartest scholars still search them out.

Revel in the marvel of this amazing treasure, be ready to explore it daily, and then apply its teachings to your life. Do these things for best results! J

Lord God, thank You for this remarkable treasure that we call the Holy Bible. It is a marvel of wonder and delight. May we be willing to expend the necessary time to understand its every detail and nuance. Give us the desire to devote our days to seeking out its treasures. To Your glory, we pray. Amen.