Romans 8:20


hursday, 18 July 2013

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; Romans 8:20

“For” again is used to continue to explain the train of thought which proceeds from Paul’s instruction on our glorification. He is now building on what he said in 8:19 – “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” Using personification of the creation, he says that it “eagerly waits.” This ties back to verse 14. Those who “are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.”

Someday, those who have come to Christ will be revealed in glory. Until that time, creation waits in a frustrated state. Why? Because “the creation was subjected to futility.” This was seen in several examples from the Genesis account – the curse of the earth which now brings forth thorns and thistles, the enmity between men and animals, etc. This was done “not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope.”

The creation didn’t fall because it wanted to or because there was some type of fault in it originally. Instead it fell because of man’s sin. All creation came under the curse that was executed upon man. This was done to show humanity that sin exacts an immensely great price. God Himself subjected the creation to futility “in hope.” The hope isn’t God’s hope, but creation’s hope. Just as the creation was said to “eagerly wait” it is said here to “hope.”

We are being shown from the tip of Paul’s pen that creation has submitted to the futility wrought upon it on the account of man’s misdeeds. It has fallen in “obedience to that superior power which had mysteriously linked its destinies with man’s (Jamieson Fausset Brown Biblical Commentary). The perfection of man coincided with the perfection of Eden. The fall in creation coincided with the fall of man. And the glorification of man will coincide with the restoration of the creation which had once been so gloriously perfect and which will again be in that wondrous state. Great stuff here.

Life Application: The whole creation fell through one man’s sin which was done in innocence. Imagine the weight of our sin which is done with knowledge. Don’t sin.

Tragedy in the Garden
Charlie Garrett

The woman was enticed and she ate of the fruit
She passed it on to Adam and he ate as well
He became the second willing recruit
And together they left a sad story to tell

Their eyes were opened to their exposed state
They realized that life in sin just ain’t so great

They sewed together figs to hide their shame
And made coverings that just wouldn’t suffice
The Lord questioned them about their hiding game
And they realized that sin just ain’t so nice

“Where are you?” called the LORD. (Though he already knew)
“I was hiding because I realized something wasn’t right
I was afraid to answer, I’m naked … yes it’s true
And so I hid myself, like a shadow in the night.”

“Who told you that you were naked? What is this you did do? Have you taken of the fruit which I told you not to eat?”
“It was the women who did it… the one made by You
She told me of it’s yumminess,,, and how it was so sweet.”

I thought it would be so good, but I guess I paid the price
I’m beginning to see that sin really ain’t so nice

“Woman, what is this thing that you have done?
Traded life under the heaven’s for life under the sun.”

Oh my LORD it was the serpent. He deceived me and I ate
And now I’m seeing that sin just ain’t so great.”

Oh God that we could take it back and undo what we have done
Life was wonderful under the heavens
But it’s terrible under the sun

What can we do make things right?
Where can we turn to be healed?
How long will we be cast from Your sight?
How long until the grave is unsealed?

I have a plan children, but you’ll have to wait
Many years under the sun toiling in the heat
But I will someday open wide heaven’s gate
When my own Son, the devil will defeat.

I will send my own Son, the devil to defeat.

Glorious and Almighty God – I truly am overwhelmed at the promises contained in Your word. You have shown that creation was cursed due to man’s sin, but You have also shown that this will be corrected some glorious day. The creation itself will be changed to a state of perfection and wonder. Lord, I long for that day and I hail the Lamb who made it possible. I praise You for the work of Messiah, our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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