Philippians 2:23

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Therefore I hope to send him at once, as soon as I see how it goes with me. Philippians 2:23

“Therefore” is given based on the words of verses 19-22. First, it is connected to Paul’s desire to know the state of those in Philippi. Secondly, it concerns the notable character of Timothy who was being sent for that very task. Because of his proven character, and because of his faithful service in the gospel, Paul hoped to send him without any delay with the exception of waiting to see “how it goes with me.”

He was awaiting notice of his state as a prisoner. Would he be released? Would he be confined longer? Would he face the executioner? These things needed to be determined, and once that word was known, then Timothy would be dispatched as a follow-up to this letter.

As we can see, the letter of Paul was to be sent immediately. To him, the matter of doctrine and harmony within the congregation was of paramount importance. Such should always be the case. We should count our own state as of less importance than that of others who are facing doctrinal error or conflict in Christ.

Life application: Let us continually magnify the Lord and His word in all we say and do. We should never withhold that which will build up others for our own personal reasons. In all things, let us let God be magnified first and foremost.

Lord God, we sure are in need of living properly from day to day. What You expect of us is right there in Your word. It is such a simple thing to pick it up and read it, or to have it on a CD and listen. And yet, we are unsure of even the most simple matters of doctrine because we have been unwilling to spend the most minimal amount of time in this regard. Forgive us of our faulty priorities, and help us to redirect our minds and our use of time to You… to You first and foremost, and always. Amen.



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