Acts 15:27

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Tuesday, 28 March 2023

We have therefore sent Judas and Silas, who will also report the same things by word of mouth. Acts 15:27

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Note, the Greek more appropriately reads, “We have sent, therefore, Judas and Silas, and they through word are telling the same things” (CG). This will be used for the commentary.

The previous verses have referred to the selection of men to accompany Barnabas and Paul, noting that Barnabas and Paul had risked their lives for the name of Jesus Christ. With that, the note continues with, “We have sent, therefore, Judas and Silas.”

These are the “chosen men” just referred to in verse 15:25. Designating them by name is certainly to ensure that nobody else could later claim they were also sent. The council is already aware of the cunning tricks of the devil and they are being precise and careful, ensuring that the intent of the council is properly conveyed by people who have been duly recognized to convey it. That is attested to in the next words, saying, “and they through word are telling the same things.”

The point of this is that there is both a written testimony and a verbal confirmation of it by those who are specifically named in their communique. The use of the present participle, “are telling,” means that they can be trusted to continue to repeat the same message at any time they are asked to. It is as if their words are being spoken by the council at the moment they come off the lips of Judas and Silas.

Life application: The process of conveying the words of the council is comprehensive in nature. By handling the matter as they are, they are leaving nothing open to misunderstanding. Barnabas and Paul have presented their stand concerning law observance no longer being necessary.

They have shown how it is by grace through faith that a person is saved. That message has been conveyed to the leadership in Jerusalem. The council has heard the matter thoroughly and unanimously agreed with the stand of Barnabas and Paul. They have written down their resolution which is to be conveyed to the church in various locations. They have sent men along to confirm what has been written down and to provide continued testimony and instruction concerning the matter.

Along with that, Luke – under inspiration from the Holy Spirit – has made a detailed and exacting record of these events, a record that could have been challenged the moment he published it if it were not correct. All of this has been done to put the matter once and forever to rest. And yet, two thousand years later, people are still arguing against the plain, obvious, and precise decision rendered by the council.

They reinsert the law, demand adherence to it in various ways, including circumcision, and completely ignore what is written for us as guidance from God concerning the matter. How important is it to know the word of God? The evidence is right in front of each of us. A rejection of what has been determined and recorded is a rejection of the word of God. And a rejection of the word of God is a rejection of God who has given us His word.

Pay attention to what is said and taught. Check what you are instructed. Verify what has come to your ears. The devil is hard at work in the church today, directing his false doctrines and robbing people of either being saved or of being productive in their salvation. Pay heed to the word!

Lord God, help us to be wise concerning Your word. May we not trust anyone until we have verified what is presented. Convincing-sounding arguments are only convincing if they are checked against the source and match what it says. Great oratory skills cannot replace adherence to Your word. Give us wisdom in this, O God. Amen.