Titus 2:4

9 June 2018

…that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, Titus 2:4

Paul continues to write concerning “the older women” of the previous verse, but it is a verse which then transfers instruction to the younger women. To the older women, he exhorts “that they admonish the young women.” Some translations add in the words “to be sober.” In other words, “teach the young women to be sober.” This is not the correct use of this unusual verb. The words “to be sober” should be left out.

Teaching the young women is obviously something that comes after first applying the precepts of verse 3 to their own lives. If they are living unholy lives, it would be best for them to get their lives straight first, and then to admonish the young women. It would be no good for a person who swears all the time to tell the next generation to not go around swearing. With that understanding, the older women who are acting in accord with what is right are to then pass their knowledge of proper living on to those who are younger than them.

They have the life experiences, they know what will bring happiness and contentment, and they exhibit the proper conduct for holy living. It is now time for them to instruct the next generation of young women. In this, Paul tells them to admonish these young women “to love their husbands.”

This is another unique word which signifies a “loving friend.” It is a concept that Paul speaks of elsewhere though. In Ephesians 5:22 & 23, for example. This is especially important, because in the Bible, the family unit is a crucial element of a properly functioning society. As the family unit unites properly, the lives of the people will be more likely to unite properly to their jobs, their society, and etc. A loving wife is then at the heart of making this happen. It is also the reason why those who hate God and His word set out to destroy this fundamental job of young women. The resulting chaos in the extended society becomes a cancer which quickly spreads.

The next admonition from Paul is that the older women are to train the young women to “love their children.” This doesn’t mean like a person loves a dog or a fun movie. It is a love of both nurturing them through tenderness and through discipline. A mother who will not properly discipline wrongdoing is not acting in a loving manner. Again, it is the dream of those who hate God to destroy this precept. Properly disciplining children is spoken against as a type of torture. The murdering of one’s own offspring through abortion is exalted as freedom from bondage, and both the family and the society suffers with each young woman’s turn to these despicable avenues of disobedience to the word of God.

Life application: For proper family life which is in accord with God’s intent, read your Bible and apply it’s precepts to your life. For a negative example of how to live your family life, watch what those on the left want legislated for our society. One is honoring of God; the other shows hatred towards Him and His word.

Heavenly Father, Your word admonishes us to have a loving family unit. Respect between husband and wife; care for, and disciplining of, our children; and a constant application of biblical precepts to our family life. It is these things which will result in a happy family which is productive, and which is beneficial to society. And more, it results in stable people with content lives. Why is it that this is being so ardently spoken against by those who hate You? It is the family which honors You that is the best model for our society. Help us to realize this, and to live our family lives in accord with Your will. Amen.

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