Romans 16:8



Thursday, 13 February 2014

Greet Amplias, my beloved in the Lord. Romans 16:8

Various texts state “Ampliatus” in place of Amplias. Regardless of the actual spelling of his name, or if Amplias is simply a shortened nickname of Ampliatus, this is the only place in the Bible where he is mentioned, but he is given an especially endearing description by Paul, “my beloved in the Lord.” Four times in this chapter the term “beloved” is used by him. Out of approximately 35 names, this then shows that there was more than just a passing friendship, but one of intimacy.

It could be that Paul led him to Christ or that they worked together for the gospel. Whatever the situation, Paul is using up the writer’s ink with memos of affection as he progresses through his list of notables.

Life application: Time moves steadily forward and we don’t know when our last day will come. Nor do we know the end of those around us. Because of this, it is good to take a moment and recognize those who are near and dear to us. Take a minute today to send a note of encouragement to someone who is dear to you.

Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for those You have placed in my path. Old friends show up again after many years and new friends come my way. And it always seems to be at a time when I need them to bless me or they need to be blessed. I can see Your hand in these things.  You are there working to build up Your people. How great You are. Amen.




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