Revelation 6:3

Thursday, 19 November 2020

When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” Revelation 6:3

The focus goes now from the white horse and its rider to the scroll saying, “When He opened the second seal.” The breaking of the seals allows for judgment upon an unrepentant world, and so that is what can be anticipated again with the breaking of this seal. Understanding this, John says, “I heard the second living creature.” This would be the one resembling a calf (verse 4:7). He speaks forth, “Come and see.”

Like the previous seal, manuscripts vary here. Rather than, “Come and see,” as if a command to John, other manuscripts simply say, “Come.” This would be a calling forth of the entity held by the seal. If this is correct, and it appears to be the more likely translation, it is a call for the entity to come forth, and thus to go out, like with the first seal.

Life application: The living creatures around the throne are named in the same order as the gospels, and they are calling out in the same order as the gospels. What is revealed in the four gospel accounts is the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

For those who accepted the message before this time of tribulation, pardon of sins has been granted, and eternal life has been given. They were taken at the rapture, escaping the things to come. But now, those same gospels that were rejected by the remaining people on earth, testify against them. The living creatures are calling out the destroyers, one by one, who will bring judgment on the earth to those who are left behind to endure the tribulation.

There is an order to all things, and God displays His divine order in the Bible. It is consistent and it is verifiable. Because of this, His judgments also follow His divine order. We need to carefully handle the gift He has given us in the pages of the Bible. They demonstrate the great wisdom of our Creator and they show His plan for us. Let us take heed to the words given.

Thank You Heavenly Father for the great book You have revealed to us – the Holy Bible. It is one of comfort, of wisdom, of joy, and of blessing, if we handle it properly. Help us to do so, and also give us the wisdom to study it and love it all the days You have set before us. Amen.















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