Revelation 17:13

Sunday, 30 May 2021

These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. Revelation 17:13

The word “these” refers to the ten horns of the previous verse. It is those ten horns who will receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. Of these ten kings, it says, they “are of one mind.” The Greek word translated as “mind” signifies intent or purpose. They will have the same goal and will be united in attaining it. Because of this, it next says, “and they will give their power and authority.”

The word translated as “power” signifies “ability to perform.” As these are kings (leaders of kingdoms, probably meaning modern nations), they will put all of their resources behind meeting their intended goal.

This will include their military, industry, manpower, and so on. One can think of how the allies in WWII united in these aspects to defeat the axis. There was a joining together of the military, industry, and so on, in order to meet their set goal.

The word translated as “authority” signifies “conferred power.” It is what gives a nation the right to conduct its affairs which then leads the government to run its various operations. One could think of the constitution which establishes the nation’s governmental structure, and then mandates how that governmental structure should operate. This is its authority.

In other words, these ten kings (kingdoms, nations, or whatever) will, for all intents and purposes, align everything that makes them what they are into cooperation with “the beast.” One can think of the EU as a precursor to this.

The nations of the EU yielded most of their power and authority to its establishment. That has turned out to be a clumsy, failing system. Without unity of purpose in all ways, it has labored along, breathing heavily but not truly uniting. This will not be the case in the end times. This beast will receive full power and authority from them.

This “beast,” as noted here, will probably be led by the antichrist. He will be “the prince who is to come” noted in Daniel 9:26, and he will be of the people who destroyed the city and the sanctuary of Jerusalem in AD70, meaning Rome. Thus, this beast will most probably be a replacement for the failed EU. Without being dogmatic about this, it is the most likely explanation of what lies ahead.

Life application: As seen in the previous verse commentary, this beast is surely the same as the fourth beast in Daniel 7. In Daniel 7:8, it says, “I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots.”

The horns in Revelation are “of one mind.” However, three will be uprooted. At that time, they will probably be replaced with the antichrist’s own cronies. A solidifying of leadership will take place, and these kings will be united in their wickedness and their intent to usurp God’s rule and authority from the earth. However, the antichrist will meet his end in due time.

Until then though, this empire will have the complete support of the leaders and thus of the people. All of its resources, money, and influence will be at the command and use of the leader, and it will be the epitome of what is ungodly and humanistic.

Like so many empires that have been on the earth, this one will probably start out unassuming and beneficent, but it will hide true wickedness and evil intent until it is too late to change course. This is the agenda that Hitler had. He appeared to be the savior of Germany, but he instead brought it to ruin. This is the same tactic being deployed in the United States today. Unless we are watchful and carefully consider our elected officials, we will fall over the precipice which so many nations have gone over.

The times are leading to their fulfillment, and the great empire of wickedness is coming. Thank God that the rapture is anticipated before it arrives. Thank God for our sure hope in deliverance and our gathering together to be with JESUS!

Lord, we as Christians have the hope of a pre-tribulation rapture where we will be in Your wondrous presence instead of left in a world heading towards certain doom. We do pray now that You will continue to turn many hearts to You before the door is closed and it is too late. Thank You for helping us as we spread Your wonderful gospel. Amen.