Hebrews 6:3

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

And this we will do if God permits. Hebrews 6:3

After naming the basic doctrines closely associated with “the foundation” noted in verse 6:1, the author now says, “And this we will do.” Here he is referring to 1) “leaving the discussion of elementary principles of Christ,” and 2) going “on to perfection.” These combined thoughts are found in verse 6:1. It is the author’s hope that his note has spurred on in his audience the reminder that Christ has come, that they are no longer bound to the “dead works of the law,” and that they are to demonstrate “faith toward God” as related to the finished work of Jesus. In this, it should be enough of a reminder to them about the elementary principles which are listed in verse 6:2. With this reminder, they should then be able to assimilate the higher principles related to Christ’s work. But, the author then adds in a caveat by saying, “if God permits.”

This is a recurring theme. In Acts 18:21, 1 Corinthians 16:7, and James 4:15, the same type of idea is brought forth. In this case, it is not a note that God would be unwilling for the audience to so progress, but that they are dependent on Him for it to occur. God has a plan which is set in motion and that plan will take precedence over all else. He will never work contrary to that set plan, even when it involves things that we think are reasonably proper along the way. The truth of this will be seen in the coming verses and how what is said there has been played out in the history of the Jewish people.

Life application: The author is writing to the Hebrews, and he is in anticipation of teaching them deeper truths concerning the Person and work of Christ Jesus. And yet, despite writing on such an obviously necessary thing, he includes the words, “if God permits.” There may be a reason why this type of information is not properly assimilated and accepted by his audience. If he is this willing to include God’s purposes in his statement in this manner, how much more should we be willing to include God in all of our anticipated moves in life? There shouldn’t be a time that we say, “I’ve got this, and it will come out as I intend.” Rather, we should rely on the Lord’s hand in being with us through the entire process, petitioning Him to effect His will first and foremost.

Lord God, help us to remember to always include You in our plans. In doing so, what we do is surely going to be according to Your will. May our every step each day be pleasing to You! In all things, may You be the one glorified through the lives we lead! Amen.

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