Galatians 6:5


Sunday, 12 June 2016

For each one shall bear his own load. Galatians 6:5

Here we have Paul explaining the previous verse which told us that each person should “examine his own work.” He said that, “then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.” The explanation is that “each one shall bear his own load.” In this, he uses a different word than was used in verse 2 for “burden.”

In verse 2 it was baros – a weight; burden. “Figuratively it is real substance (what has value, significance), i.e. carries personal and eternal significance” (HELPS). In this verse, he uses the word phortion – a burden; the freight of a ship. “Properly, a burden which must be carried by the individual, i.e. as something personal and hence is not transferrable, i.e. it cannot “be shifted” to someone else (HELPS).

The verb in verse 2 is present imperative; “you shall surely do this now.” The verb in this verse is future indicative; “you shall bear.” The latter is the antithesis of the former. While the first is given for each of us to sympathize with others in their troubles, the second is given to show that we each will answer to God for the loads we have carried. We cannot transfer our load to another for judgment, but we can take on the burden of those around us for their relief.

Life application: If we are willing to take on the burdens of those around us, then our own loads will be lessened on that Great Day when the actions of our lives are presented before the Lord. Do we want the light burden of assisting others now, or do we want the heavy burden we must carry to the Bema Seat of Christ? Choose wisely.

Glorious God, we all have heavy loads to carry, but we also have the ability of taking the burdens of others upon ourselves. Though it at first seems contradictory, it is true that by taking on the burdens of others, we actually reduce our own load before You. Help us to be willing to assume the weight of others for their relief, and to lighten our own load for Your approval on the Day when we stand before You. Give us this heavenly wisdom here in our earthly walk. Amen.



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