Galatians 3:7


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Therefore know that only those who are of faith are sons of Abraham. Galatians 3:7

What a knock-out punch for heretics who say that we have to observe the Law of Moses! The Galatians had fallen victim to the Hebrew Roots Movement 2000 years ago and Paul shows them the folly of this. The words here clearly indicate that, whether Jew or Gentile, one cannot trace their ancestry back to Abraham unless they live by faith, not deeds of the law.

Paul will continue to explain this and defend it, but his words here alone show the stupidity of reinserting the law as a means of being justified before God. Abraham precedes the law. Abraham’s faith was accounted to him for righteousness. Therefore, the law had no bearing on his justification. God was pleased with him because he trusted the word of the Lord.

Because of this example, Paul says, “Therefore.” In theology as in mathematics, one plus one equals two. By diverting from the logic which Paul presents, the math is faulty. But when taken in the proper biblical context we can “know that only those who are of faith are sons of Abraham.” If Abraham is Scripture’s example for this doctrine, and if the law came after this example, then the law cannot be a part of it. In fact, it is opposed to it.

Paul will rigorously describe and defend what he means here, and he will also exactingly detail what the purpose of the law is. When he is done with his epistle, it will be shown that the faith of Abraham is to be the faith of the follower of Christ. It is one which says, “I trust God’s word with all my heart, and I don’t need anything else added to it for me to stand justified in His presence.”

Life application: Both in Jesus’ time and in ours, the very people who claim their ancestry descends from Abraham are the same people who have failed to see what Scripture teaches about him. They are indeed impressed with their own attempts at earning righteousness, but they ignore the righteousness of God in Christ. Let us not follow such a perverse path. Have faith in Christ and in Him alone.

Lord God, You were pleased with Abraham long before he was circumcised. You declared him righteous by mere faith in Your promises. He believed Your word and He was accepted by You. Now, we who believe Your word concerning Christ are those who are pleasing to You. Grant us the faith of Abraham, not relying on the flesh, but on the Spirit who gave us Your word and who tells us of Jesus. He did the work; help us to accept that. In this, You will be pleased. Amen.



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