Galatians 2:8


Monday, 29 February 2016

…(for He who worked effectively in Peter for the apostleship to the circumcised also worked effectively in me toward the Gentiles), Galatians 2:8

This verse is parenthetical, and it is rightly placed that way by the NKJV. It is an explanation of the preceding verse which said, “…when they saw that the gospel for the uncircumcised had been committed to me, as the gospel for the circumcised was to Peter.” What Peter had done though the power of the Holy Spirit was also accomplished by Paul, demonstrating and proving his apostolic commission. Further, Paul’s words place himself on the same level, in all ways, as that of Peter.

Again, he is doing this for a reason. He is demonstrating to those in Galatia that his ministry is valid, and therefore the gospel message that he preached to them is valid. The purpose of his words is to refute the false brethren who had crept in and proclaimed a gospel of works, which is no gospel at all. Peter’s name is being brought in for two separate reasons. First, because he was well known as an apostle with great authority; and secondly, because of what Paul will show about him in the verses ahead.

Taken together, these points will verify that Paul’s message is sound and is to be listened to and adhered to. To demonstrate that what Paul did is comparable to everything that Peter did, the book of Acts meticulously records their workings. Following them and placing them side by side shows the truth of Paul’s words –


1. Peter’s work began by the Holy Spirit (2)
1. Paul’s work began by the Holy Spirit (13)

2. Peter was thought to be drunk and & then explains himself (2)
2. Paul was thought to be mad and then explains himself (26)

3. Peter’s first sermon begins new section of book (2)
3. Paul’s first sermon begins new section of book (13)

4. Peter has a time of work, preaching, and then persecution (2-11)
4. Paul has a time of work, preaching, and then persecution (13-19)

5. Peter has trouble after healing a man lame from birth (3)
5. Paul has trouble after healing a man lame from birth (14)

6. Peter says, “Silver and gold have I none” (3)
6. Paul says, “I have coveted no one’s silver or gold” (20)

7. Peter’s shadow heals (5)
7. Paul’s handkerchief heals (19)

8. Peter is arrested in the temple and taken to Sanhedrin (4, 5)
8. Paul is arrested in the temple and taken to Sanhedrin (21-23)

9. Peter confronts Simon the sorcerer (8)
9. Paul confronts Elymas the sorcerer (13)

10. Peter performs an exorcism (5)
10. Paul performs an exorcism (16)

11. Peter raises Tabitha from the dead (9)
11. Paul raises Eutychus from the dead (20)

12. Peter lays hands for reception of Spirit (8)
12. Paul lays hands for reception of Spirit (19)

13. Peter worshipped (10)
13. Paul worshipped (14)

14. Peter imprisoned with miraculous escape (12)
14. Paul imprisoned with miraculous escape (16)

15. Angel stood by Peter (12)
15. Angel stood by Paul (27)

16. Peter called by vision to preach in Caesarea (10)
16. Paul called by vision to preach in Macedonia (16)

17. Peter’s success brings Jewish jealousy (5)
17. Paul’s success brings Jewish jealousy (13)

18. Peter heals the bedridden Aeneas (9)
18. Paul heals the bedridden father of Publius (28)

19. Peter ordains deacons (6)
19. Paul ordains elders (14)

20. Peter is “filled with the Spirit” (4)
20. Paul is “filled with the Spirit” (13)

Peter (twice) the Apostle to the Jews
Paul (four times) the Apostle to the Gentiles


1-12   – Peter mentioned 57 times (Simon 4)  // Paul mentioned 0 (Saul 21)
13-28 – Peter is mentioned once (Simon once)  // Paul mentioned 132 (Saul twice)

Life application: If you know someone who is caught up in the legalism of “returning to the law” such as in an aberrant sect or a Judaizing messianic church/synagogue, your greatest weapon in correcting their error is to show them, directly from the word, the movement of the focus of Acts from Peter to Paul. Then take them to Galatians for correction. If they still won’t pay heed, show them in Hebrews where it explicitly says that the law is obsolete, annulled, and set aside. If they still won’t listen, then you have done your job. They are brainwashed and would rather listen to men than God’s word. Drop them from your fellowship, but not from your prayers.

Thank You Lord God for being there for us every step of this difficult life we live. The days may be marvelous at times, but there is always a challenge or a frustration that creeps in and takes over the moments of joy. In those times, we still have Your word ready to fill us with that joy once again. Knowing that everything is already settled, and that the last page restores Paradise lost, makes every difficult time seem manageable! Thank You for this wonderful assurance. Amen.



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