Colossians 1:21

Saturday, 1 April 2017

And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled… Colossians 1:21

Paul just wrote about the reconciliation and peace which is found through the blood of Christ’s cross. Now equating that to what occurred in the lives of those at Colossae (and thus us!), he says, “And you.” He uses this phrase to demonstrate that what he just said applies directly to them and what occurred between God and them because of Christ. They “once were alienated.” This thought is similar to that of Ephesians 2:12 where he wrote that they “were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise.”

Those in Colossae, and indeed all who have not yet come to Christ, are in this state. They are alienated from the good that God offers through Christ Jesus. And not only alienated, but “enemies in your mind by wicked works.” The Greek reads “in wicked works.” In the performing of wicked works, alienation from God, and the state of enmity, is realized. This is the “power of darkness” which he spoke of in verse 13. The devil holds sway over the world, and all who are not in Christ are bound under his power. However, through the blood of Christ’s cross, these things are defeated. As he says, “…yet now He has reconciled.”

The enmity between God and man is ended, the alienation no long exists, and a state of reconciliation is realized. This is the power of the blood of Christ. All things are made new for those who reach out in faith and receive the gift of God which is found in the work of the Lord Jesus.

Life application: Paul takes it as an axiom that all people are alienated from God until they come to Him through Christ. This is something we need to consider as we interact with others. They are either in Christ, and thus reconciled to God, or they are alienated from Him. If we can just remember this simple truth, and then gear our hearts towards the fact that Christ died on a cross to end this alienation, then maybe we will make evangelizing others a greater priority. What prompted God to do what He did through Jesus should be what prompts us to act in the same manner. Let us display the love of God towards the lost, endeavoring to change hearts and minds for the purpose of reconciliation and salvation.

Heavenly Father, the fact that You sent Christ Jesus to walk among us, share in our troubles, and to die in order to reconcile us to Yourself should motivate us to have a like-attitude towards the lost. If You went to such great lengths to reach out and bring reconciliation, shouldn’t we be willing to explain that to those who so desperately need it? Help us to share in Your heart for the lost, and help us to be willing to speak up about the shed blood which covers all sins, and which reconciles us to You. Amen.

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