2 Timothy 4:9

Monday, 7 May 2018

Be diligent to come to me quickly; 2 Timothy 4:9

The word translated as “Be diligent,” is used in verse 2:15 while encouraging Timothy to “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God.” It gives the sense of hastening, and that is the sense borne out here. Paul wants Timothy to “hasten to come to me quickly.” There is an urgency in the words, and it is an urgency repeated in verse 4:21. One main reason for this urgency is found in verse 13, which will be explained then. But there are secondary reasons which will be noted as well. For now, this is a short request which seems completely out of place with the words of a man who has just said that “my departure is at hand.”

However, it also shows us the authenticity of the epistle. Nobody claiming to be Paul, and who has stated he was about to die, would then implore the person he is writing to leave behind his church and come for a visit. But Paul would. When Paul says, “my departure is at hand,” it is indicating that he feels his imprisonment will end in his execution. However, he was – as a Roman citizen – entitled to a trial, appeals, etc. This could be a long, drawn-out thing. Though his departure was at hand based on his circumstances in prison, that same place of incarceration may be his home for a while. And so, with the desire to see Timothy, and to assist him with several important things in his visit to Rome, Paul encourages his young protege to hasten to his side.

Life application: The only contradictions to be found in Scripture are those that come from a lack of study, or a presupposition that the Bible is not the word of God. When we take all things concerning Scripture in context, and without presupposition, and then study them carefully, we will always find that those things which seem contradictory are actually not at all so.

Wow Lord! It is always exciting to wake up and read Your word. It starts the day off beautifully. It is then marvelous to read the word during the day. It may lift us up from a low spot, or it may direct our feet on a path we have been considering. Yes! It is great to read Your word during the day. And of course, the evening time is a fantastic time to read Your word. As the day is ending, we find comfort and rest in it as we commit our sleep to You, pondering the treasure we have read. And, of course, at night when we wake and need to settle our thoughts… that is a magnificent time to read Your word. It does settle our racing thoughts, and it also brings sweet sleep to us once again. Wow Lord! It is always exciting to read Your word. Amen.

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