2 Timothy 3:7

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

…always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3:7

The Greek shows that this is still speaking of the “gullible women” of the previous verse. They are “always learning,” because they are looking to hear of a remedy for the sin in their lives. They listen intently to the false teachers, seeking to hear something that will exonerate their immoral lives while still allowing them to live out lives of immorality. These women heap up words that will tickle their ears concerning their lives, but they are “never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

One cannot discover truth when pursuing lies from liars. One could ask, “Why would anyone go to a Universalist Church?” They teach that everyone goes to heaven. If this is so, then why even bother with church at all? One can do whatever they wish, pursue any desire of the heart, and continue down any perverse path they want, and yet they will be in heaven. Spending time in church then would be as pointless as a bald man buying a comb.

However, people continue to go because there is the perverse desire to be told, again and again, that things that will continue to be OK, even when a life of sin is pursued. These people will never come to the knowledge of the truth, but they continue learning. However, what they are learning is a lie. The sheer folly of such an existence is incredible, but it is the path of countless souls who simply need to fill their wayward lives with something to quell the conflict which rages deep inside.

Life application: Truth can only come from what reveals truth. And truth is what corresponds to reality. If a liar speaks, what he says is not truth. One must evaluate what is heard, and then determine if what is said corresponds to what actually is. To feed on lies because they are lies is not mentally sound, but it is the only option for someone who is sin-filled, and who desires to remain living sinfully. In order to be free of sin, one must come to Christ; die with Him, and then be given the new birth apart from sin. No other avenue will suffice.

Lord God, Your word asks us to die to sin so that we can live in righteousness. How can we do this while still living? Thank You that You have done it for us through the work of Christ. By receiving Him, we die to the law which He fulfilled. Without law, sin is not imputed, and we are free from condemnation. What a truly marvelous thing You have done for us. Thank God for the full, final, and forever work of Jesus Christ our Lord. Reconciled! Praise God, we are accepted once again. Hallelujah and Amen!

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