2 Corinthians 6:17


Monday, 7 September 2015

“Come out from among them
And be separate, says the Lord.
Do not touch what is unclean,
And I will receive you.”
 2 Corinthians 6:17

Again in this verse Paul uses a composite quoting of Scripture. Much of the quote is from Isaiah 52:11, 12, but it also draws on Leviticus 11:8, and the ending “I will receive you” resembles the Greek version of Ezekiel 11:17 and Jeremiah 24:5.

He begins with “therefore” to show a sequence of thought. In essence, the words of verses 14-18 will lead naturally to the result found in this verse. If we “come out from among them,” meaning the associations warned against in those verses; if we are separate from such things; and if we refrain from touching that which is unclean – if we do these things – then the Lord says, “I will receive you.”

It is through coming near to Christ, trusting in Him, and receiving His forgiveness that we draw near to God. In doing this, we naturally have separated ourselves from the ways of the world and thus God draws near to us. God is holy and we are to draw near to Him in holiness. This is done through faith in Christ. If we fail to make this step, then God will not draw near to us and we will remain un-adopted and forever separated from Him.

Life application: Sometimes after calling on Christ we fall back into our old ways. When this happens, we may feel we have fallen out of favor with God. However, once we are “in” Christ we can never be separated from the love of God again. We have become children by adoption. Let us endeavor to live our lives in holiness, but when we stumble and fall, let us pick ourselves up and press on in His loving salvation.

Lord God, when I heard the good new of Jesus, I was overjoyed with receiving Him and knowing that I had been saved! However, since that day I have fallen short so many times. I haven’t lived for Him as I should, I’ve done so many things that have proven me to be a faithless child, and I have certainly disappointed You. But I know that none of this has separated me from You. Through Christ, I am once and forever saved. Thank You for this wonderful reassurance. I love You my God! Amen.


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