1 Timothy 5:25

Monday, 5 February 2018

Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident, and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden. 1 Timothy 5:25

Paul has been speaking of placing men into the ministry. In the previous verse, he spoke of those who have sins which would exclude them from ordination. Now he writes a thought which is probably intended to reassure Timothy concerning finding the right man, or passing over a qualified person. It may have been a point of concern that someone who was truly qualified might not be recognized as such. Paul says that this would hardly be the case. Just as some men’s sins are clearly evident (vs. 24), so “Likewise, the good works of some are clearly evident.”

Many men who are qualified will be known as such because they simply exude good works in all they do. It is hard for a person who is always doing what is good, proper, and glorifying of God to hide himself and his deeds. What he does, even if it is done quietly and without the sounding of trumpets, is usually clearly evident. However, even if there is someone who falls into this category, but does his best to completely hide his good deeds, Paul says of such that, “those who are otherwise cannot be hidden.” This corresponds to the sins of men which “follow later” of verse 24. Just as those sins will eventually be exposed, so the good, but hidden, works of a faithful soul will eventually be brought to light as well.

Paul’s words are to be taken as true, and inspired by God. If there is a person who should not be ordained, and he is carefully investigated as should be the case, then that person’s flaws will come to light. And a person who should be ordained, but whose good deeds have remained hidden, will eventually be brought forth if the proper procedures are followed.

This is why it is so sad that there have been so many people who should never have been ordained who have still been placed into the ministry. There are faithful people who could have been selected, but because of carelessness on the part of those responsible for the process, the wrong choices are made, and churches quickly devolve into all sorts of perversions and apostasies.

Life application: It is of the utmost importance that the procedures for ordination which are outlined in Scripture be held to. That, along with prayer, are the most effective tools available to ensure that the right people are placed into the ministry, and the wrong people are given the boot before they can infect the body.

Lord God, Your word tells us that if we desire wisdom, we should ask it of You, because You give to all liberally and without finding fault. And so Lord, grant us wisdom in abundance. Help us to be people who will fear You, who will treasure Your word, who will apply the precepts of Your word to our lives, and who will seek to glorify You in all we say and do. May this be so, and may it be a sight for others to see and desire as well. Amen.

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