1 Peter 1:5

Monday, 23 September 2019

…who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. 1 Peter 1:5

Peter continues his marvelous words which highlight the doctrine of eternal security. All three verses of this thought should be cited to see this –

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

Finishing this magnificent thought here, Peter says (based on the inheritance which is reserved in heaven for us) that we “are kept by the power of God.” The word “kept” speaks of a military guard. This is its last of four uses in the New Testament. We are being kept and guarded as if by a military sentinel. In other words, God is personally watching over us concerning our inheritance.

Neither our salvation, nor our continued salvation (which is the basis for our inheritance), is not contingent on what we do, but rather on what Christ has done (Ephesians 2:8, 9 e.g.), and what God continues to do. He has granted us salvation, He has sealed us with a guarantee, and He is keeping us by His power and for His glory. As the scholar Bengel says, “As the inheritance hath been preserved, so are the heirs guarded; neither shall it fail them, nor they it.” Peter’s words speak of surety.

Peter continues with “through faith.” It is debated if this means “faith in Christ for salvation” or “continued faith in Christ for salvation.” The answer is found in the citation of Ephesians 2:8, 9 above. We are saved by grace through faith. It is an act of faith which occurred, and that one-time act has brought us to salvation. At that moment, we were sealed for the inheritance (Ephesians 1:13, 14). It is a one-time, and for all time, act of faith.

This is confirmed in the tense of the Greek word translated as “kept.” It is a present participle which signifies a continuous process of guarding our salvation for the inheritance. It is not by us, but by God. If it were up to us to keep our salvation, it would mean that it was never of grace through faith, and it is a certain fact that our salvation would be lost. Peter’s words speak of surety.

Peter next says that this being kept by God through faith is “for salvation.” Peter will speak of the salvation again in verses 9 and 10 of this chapter, and also of our redemption in verse 18. Those will come with a note of assurance, not as a dubious or tenuous possession. It is no different here. The grant is through (dia) faith for (eis) salvation. It is not “in hopes of salvation,” but “for salvation.” Peter’s words speak of surety.

He then finishes with, “ready to be revealed in the last time.” The word speaks of being prepared. It is not ready as in anticipation, such as, “I am so excited about Jesus’ coming.” Rather it is ready in accomplishment, “I have been prepared (by God) for Jesus’ coming because God has sealed me with His Holy Spirit.” The words speak of everything accomplished and set for the act because all of the preparations which were necessary for it to come about have been done. Peter’s words speak of surety.

Reviewing these past three verses in individual thoughts, each one shouts out the doctrine of eternal security –

1) We have obtained mercy.
2) We have been begotten.
3) We have a living hope.
4) Our hope is through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
5) We have an inheritance which:

  1. a) is incorruptible and undefiled.
  2. b) will not fade away.
  3. c) is reserved in heaven for us.

6) We are kept by the power of God through faith.
7) God is keeping us “for salvation.”
8) Everything for our salvation is prepared (accomplished) and will be revealed at the time appointed by God.

Life application: It is by grace, through the faith we professed in Jesus Christ in the power of His resurrection that saved us, and it is that same act of faith that keeps us for the coming salvation – the redemption of our bodies. Those who teach that a person can lose his salvation are not very good scholars. Their theology is lacking, and their doctrine is one of bondage, not of freedom in Christ. Keep away from such truly terrible teachers and plainly poor preachers.

Thank You, O God, for the wonderful, beautiful promise of eternal life – free from pain and trial and trouble and sin. Instead, we will have a body which is fitting to be in Your glorious presence and a desire to please You forever. What a great and glorious hope we have! Thank You! Thank You! In Jesus’ name… Thank You! Amen.






10 thoughts on “1 Peter 1:5

  • Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Amazing grace how sweet the sound! It’s so sad to think of all the people out their that can’t grasp the concept of grace and believe it’s up to themselves to obtain forgivness for sin, Jesus just didn’t do enough to for them???? When I get hit with this false doctrine I just say to them that I would like to be a fly on the wall when your there trying to tell Jesus that what he did wasn’t enough for you but you had to do more to ensure your salvation????? They might ask me what I will do on that day and I tell the when I am asked what I did to get me into heaven I will say nothing, nothing at all. Jesus did it all for me. That is when the deer in the headlights look comes over them! Yes it is ginger to be heartbreaking to many on that day but Amen to those that have Jesus and know he is the way the only way to salvation Amen

    We ARE another day closer to home
    Grace mercy and peace on you and yours
    God bless my friends we fly soon

  • Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 9:47 am

    Just texted my daughter in Oregon to ask herself if she ever believed that salvation was something that she asked for at one time in her life. I baptized her as a 7 year old. Today she has misgivings for the Bible, and more of a universalist belief. She has put up a boundary to not talk about religion with her, but Charlie’s prayer yesterday to tell the gospel while we can is what prompted me today. Pray for a work of the Spirit please.

    • Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 10:30 am

      I feel your of pain John…to many of us feel that pain, even Amier was devastated that his kids did not vote for Bib! As he said Even his castle is crumbling to the onslaught of the left! No one is immune from the attacks. I find that my opportunity to share the word with family fading fast. So fast that all I have to say is just one or two words about salvation and the daggers come out! I can’t even talk to them about world events and their relationship to bible prophecy’s! I get the standard answer there is nothing we can do about it. I can’t even get them to understand that we have been told to watch for the seasons and events the bible has warned us about. I have resigned myself to praying for them and for the lord to send an intercessor that can reach them with the word because it’s pretty obvious that I am not that person 🙁 worse case I pray they will wake up and not take the mark of the beast should they be here for that. All we can do is pray and put them in the lords hands. It’s not that we are not trying it’s just our opportunities for meaningful conversation are just not there anymore. I think we will fly very very Very soon. Amen come lord Jesus. Hang in there bro hang in there 🙂

    • Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 3:43 pm

      You know you have my thoughts and prayers. I hope to hear that she will open her heart. God bless you brother.

  • Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 10:04 am

    Thank you Charlie! That’s the GOOD NEWS! THATS THE GOSPEL!

  • Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    BLESS GOD PRAISE JESUS,yes thank you

  • Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    God bless each of you <3

  • Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    How do you respond to those that say we have free will to walk away? They site those that started out well and now teach heresy : Those who were born again and produced much fruit and then blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

    • Friday, January 31st, 2020 at 4:23 am

      2 Timothy 2:13, plus the example of Hymenaeus and Alexander in 1 Timothy 1 both answer that –

      If we are faithless,
      He remains faithful;
      He cannot deny Himself.


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