1 Corinthians 11:15


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering. 1 Corinthians 11:15

As we can see from this verse, the many traditions of various sects or denominations which require bonnets or some other type of covering based on the thought in verse 5 have misinterpreted Paul’s intent. They ran ahead without finishing the passage and properly applying his words. Rather, his intent was and is that a woman’s hair is given to her for a covering. No bonnet or other headpiece is required as a sign of authority. Her covering is her long hair; it is a glory to her and to her husband.

Therefore, if she does not have long hair as a symbol of her authority, then she should wear a covering. If she will do neither, then she has shamed her husband and should be shaven herself as a sign of shame (verse 6). Just as a Nazirite had long hair as a mark of separation to God, a woman should have long hair as a mark of submission to her husband. This again brings in an obvious question though – “What defines “long hair” on a woman?” And a second question then arises – “Who decides what the definition is?”

As no biblical advice is given on either of these questions, two possibilities are:

1) Just as a man should not look feminine with long hair, a woman should not look masculine with short hair.

2) The husband should be consulted in the wife’s hair length so that he is not dishonored by her appearance.

If these two requirements are met, then the matter should be concluded. Were there other references in the Bible concerning this, then greater restrictions or freedoms could be imposed, but none exist. Therefore, let the father or husband of the woman be pleased to determine what he feels is appropriate for the woman’s hair length; her covering.

Life application – Legalism is a poison which should be avoided at all costs. The Bible gives details for proper conduct. Adding to them can only harm the congregation and lead down unhappy paths.

Lord, You created woman for man, what a gift!
And You ordained that they should be joined as one
When a man has a bride, his spirit she does lift
And to him she can add times that are fun

Together they can walk the road of life
Hand in hand sharing in each joy and trial
Blessed is the man who has a good wife!
Who comes home to such a friend who can make him smile

Thank You Lord for the beauties around us
Who grace us with joy and make our lives complete
And help us to do the same for our Lord Jesus
Our Husband and Lord, our precious Savior so sweet

How great You are O God to give us glimpses of our heavenly walk with You here in our earthly walk with our beloved spouse. Thank You that we have one another to share in the joys, the trials, the ups and the downs. In every circumstance, we learn more about each other and we grow in love. And someday, we will join You in heaven’s paradise, united forever in an even greater way. Thank You for this wonderful promise. Amen.


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