Romans 4:22


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

And therefore “it was accounted to him for righteousness.” Romans 4:22

“And therefore…” Paul sums up the thoughts of verses 9-22 (which includes an interim “therefore” that must be considered in this thought). Because of everything he has noted, clearly laying out his defense of righteousness apart from works, he cites Genesis 15:6 – “It was accounted to him for righteousness.” The word translated here is telling us that God was counting Abraham righteous because of his belief. The difference between “imputation” and “impartation” was previously detailed. Here is that difference –

Imputation: I believe the gospel and therefore I am counted as righteous.

Impartation: I believe the gospel and therefore I am righteous.

Abraham believed God and righteousness was credited to his account, even though he was still a fallible man. He knew that the Seed of the woman, promised at the fall of man, would come. Even more, he believed that He would come through him despite his circumstances. His unwavering faith in the promise of God was all that was necessary to justify him.

Life application: Take time to re-read verses 9-23 today and then store away this valuable treasure trove of information. If you have called on Jesus as Lord, then you are saved. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re lacking something necessary to please God. Let your works result from your salvation and not be an attempt to somehow merit it.

My Lord and my God, when I look at the marvel of Your creation I stand in awe of all that You have done. From you comes wonder, joy, and every good blessing. Help me to live my life in a manner worthy of Your glory and to never bring dishonor upon Your great name. Amen. 

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