Exodus 34:27-35 (The Refulgency of God)

Exodus 34:27-35
The Refulgency of the Lord

Some years ago, I was reading this passage and it made me think of the words, “the refulgency of God.” The word “refulgent” isn’t very common. It simply means “shining radiantly” or “resplendent.” Thus, the “refulgency of God” would be the shining radiance or resplendent glory of God.… Read the rest

Exodus 34:10-26 (Behold, I am Making a Covenant)

Exodus 34:10-26
Behold, I am Making a Covenant

There is a lot going on in these verses today, and some of them seem entirely disconnected from the other verses, but that really is not the case. The Lord has shown grace to Israel rather than destroying them. Now, He is further refining many of the laws that He previously gave them.… Read the rest

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