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James 2:6

Jul 3, 2019   //   by Charlie Garrett   //   Daily Writing, Epistles, Epistles (written), James (epistles), James (written), Writings  //  9 Comments

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

But you have dishonored the poor man. Do not the rich oppress you and drag you into the courts? James 2:6

James has just spoken of those God has chosen, meaning “the poor of this world.” He went on to say that they are “rich in faith.” However, he now says to his audience, “But you have dishonored the poor man.”

The “you” is plural. He is making a general statement about the conduct of those even within the faith. In giving the example of the well-dressed man in contrast to the man in filthy clothes, he is calling out the conduct of those in the gathering. In essence, “God has chosen this person because he is rich in faith, and yet you have humiliated him by treating him as a less-than-equal.” In this, he who should be most highly honored has been dishonored.

He then adds in, “Do not the rich oppress you…?” The idea here is that the rich lord their status over others. In the streets, the poor would be made to get out of the way of the rich being carried on his palanquin. When buying food at the store, the rich would tell the store owner to take him first so that he wouldn’t have to stand in the heat. Things such as this, which were surely as common then as they are now, were to alert the congregation that in showing preference to the rich man in the congregation, they were only feeding this type of attitude in a place where it should be completely starved.

And more, James continues with the fact that it is the rich who, “drag you into the courts?” They had the money to hire lawyers, they had the wealth to bribe judges, and they had the social position to convince those who stood in judgment that they were in the right – even when they were in the wrong. The rich were not the friends of his addressees, rather they were the ones who persecuted them. And so why should a rich man be given preference in a congregation of saints where those of the greatest faith (as a general rule) were those who were the poor of the world?

Life application: Even though it is the meek, the lowly, the humble, and the poor who will inherit the kingdom, these are the very same people we insult by our inappropriate judgments. We look down on others who have less than us and exalt those who have more than us.

But James says that the very people we look up to are the ones who are fighting against us as we live our lives. And the opposite is usually true of the poor. They will normally open their door for others, remain non-judgmental about things they disagree on, and generally live life in more contentment than the wealthy who simply strive to become more wealthy and more “superior” to those around them.

Nothing has changed in these 2000 years since James wrote his words, and it is a warning to each of us every day. We need to keep away from insulting the poor and exalting the rich simply because of their station in life.

Heavenly Father, help us to see each man for his inner qualities and not his external riches. May we be fair judges of those around us so that we might not sin against You. Help our hearts to not show favoritism or partiality towards those we can benefit from. This we ask through Jesus who looked with favor upon us, even in our time of greatest poverty. Amen.


  • Morning to you all. This post reminds me of the hidden picture within a picture, you know, the old ladies face that you can’t see till you see past the candelabras? I think that I don’t realize how judgmental I am unless it is pointed out to me. Thanks for the good prayer Charlie

    • John, sometimes I read my own words after I type them and feel convicted of my own failings. How weird is that? A person counseling himself.

  • Gordon praise the Lord for your daughter’s healing, we rejoice with you. Also on the loss of your beloved dog and on missing him we sorrow with you, love you brother.

  • thank you

  • praise the LORD gorden for the healing of your daughter . praying for all my s w friends needs . love and prayers


  • It’s all about the Bling, the tons of gold chains around their necks and on their fingers, the fast cars, the girls the cloths or maybe the unlimited access to drugs and let’s not forget the cribs they live in. These are Satans poster children for the poor to look up to and aspire to yet not realizing they a less than one in a million chance of ever attaining this in their own lives. So they spend their money on a false dream and on False idols to keep them on that pedestal that they aspire to while denying themselves and their family’s of basic needs at time so they can worship at the foot of their idols. Yes it’s everywhere in every aspect of life, people kissing the @$$ of those that they dem better than themselves, those that they believe will throw them a bone if they grovel at their feet. It comes down to these people don’t have a clue how rich they are or could be if they turned to Jesus. With Jesus all the wealth of this world turns to rust and dust and is meaningless while the wealth and treasures Jesus has for us will go on for ever and never lose their glory and brilliance. Lay up treasures in heaven, they are the only ones that mean anything. Look up to Jesus only he is the Only one that deserves our honor and praise no one else.

    Auto fingers ?.?

    We ARE another day closer to home
    Grace mercy and peace on you and yours
    God bless my friends we fly soon

    • Yes – only JESUS and no one else!

  • Have a blessed 4th everyone. Has anyone heard from Ruth? She has not posted in a while and I hope she is ok.

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