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Genesis 47:13-26 (What Will a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul?)

May 4, 2014   //   by Charlie Garrett   //   Genesis, Genesis (video), Torah, Weekly Video  //  2 Comments


  • My question may be answered in a future teaching. If so just direct me to it.
    When Israel flees into the desert to presumably Petra will they already be saved or are their hearts softened to the point at the end of the three and one half years that they call out to Jesus as their Messiah and are saved then?
    I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your teachings. They bring to me insights that I never thought possible. God is using you in an amazing way.
    Thank you, Pat

  • Pat,

    I haven’t addressed that anywhere, but the fact that they are fleeing to the mountains, as Christ instructed, tells me that they already believe His word is true. Otherwise, they would stay and continue to trust in their own national ability to win the war which is coming. That is, of course, speculation about a future event, but it seems logical to me.

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


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