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Exodus 3:13-15 (I AM THAT I AM)

Jan 4, 2015   //   by Charlie Garrett   //   Exodus, Exodus (video), Sermons, Torah, Weekly Video  //  2 Comments


  • Cherokee word for “I am” is “Aya”, “we are” is also “Aya”
    Glory to God for stirring my heart to study the Cherokee, as I have maybe one drop of their blood. It was what eventually led me to Israel and the western wall. This is where like a switch God allowed me to read the Bible and so much more. And now has brought me to a wonderful well to drink here. Of course it is the blood of Jesus that I cherish greatly.
    Other words are also shared in common with the Hebrew language as well as religious customs.
    They had one God Yahua or yohevah.
    “Wen dehaho” sp?? I understand to be “I am of God”
    I think salt, water and wine are similar too.
    Not sure how and why I am posting here but I praise God. May God continue to open more wells of his living water. May we (collectively) glorifying his name forever

  • It’s just wonderful to read your comments. I wish I could speak Cherokee. I bet it is a marvelous tongue! Someday we will be able to understand all of them. Can’t wait!

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