Numbers 32:1-19 (Do Not Take Us Over the Jordan)

Numbers 32:1-19
Do Not Take Us Over the Jordan

In the verses today, it is readily apparent that Moses becomes almost enraged at the words brought to his ears. He was eighty years old when he last stood this close to entering Canaan. Now he is one hundred and twenty, and except for Joshua and Caleb, he has seen the death of every adult around him since that time.Read the rest

Numbers 31:25-54 (The Spoils of Midian)

Numbers 31:25-54
The Spoils of Midian

In the doctrinal and ethical portion of his commentary on this passage, John Lange equates what we see in Numbers 31 with what the Christian should be involved in at all times, meaning a battle against the foe. He says –

“As Jehovah is Israel’s God, who has bound Himself with them, so every attack upon Israel is an attack upon God.Read the rest

Numbers 31:12-24 (The Captives, The Booty, and the Spoil)

Numbers 31:12-24
The Captives, the Booty, and the Spoil

The first seven verses of this passage are difficult for many to read and to accept. They don’t seem to fit their idea of a loving God. However, they do fit the concept of a just, holy, righteous, and – yes – even a merciful God.Read the rest

Numbers 31:1-11 (Take Vengeance on the Midianites)

Numbers 31:1-11
Take Vengeance on the Midianites

What is it that breaks our hearts? And why does it happen? I would suggest to you that the main driver of our sadness comes from one thing – familiarity. I know people that love to hunt. They will shoot bears, wild cats, wolves – whatever.Read the rest

Numbers 30:1-16 (He Shall Bear Her Guilt)

Numbers 30:1-16
He Shall Bear Her Guilt

Long before we got to this chapter, my friend Sergio emailed me with a thought about what is going on here in Numbers 30, that was on August 15, 2018. I had never taken the time to really look over the verses, and thought, “Well, isn’t that the cat’s meow.”Read the rest

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