Genesis 50:15-26 (Grace, Mercy, and Faith – the Final Words of Joseph)

Genesis 50:15-26
Grace, Mercy, and Faith – The Final Words of Joseph

Introduction: Today we will look over the final verses of Genesis. It is our 130th sermon in this book and I would hope and pray that God is not displeased with the poor attempt that I have made to analyze and share this amazing treasure of the book of foundations with you.… Read the rest

Genesis 50:1-14 (The Burial of Jacob)

Genesis 50:1-14
The Burial of Jacob

Introduction: Death is an inevitable part of life. And the rituals that are conducted which surround death vary from culture to culture, but most of them are grounded in a hope which transcends the grave. In the Chinese provinces of Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Mongolia a ritual known as “sky burial” is practiced.… Read the rest

Genesis 49:22-27 (The Blessing Upon Joseph and Benjamin)

Genesis 49:22-27
The Blessing Upon Joseph and Benjamin

Introduction: So far we’ve looked at the blessing of Jacob upon 10 of his sons. Today we’ll look into the last two blessings – those of Joseph and Benjamin, the sons of his beloved wife Rachel. In these blessings, like all of the others thus far, we will see the future of the sons’ tribes revealed.… Read the rest

Genesis 49:19-21 (The Blessing Upon Gad, Asher, and Naphtali)

Genesis 49:19-21
The Blessing Upon Gad, Asher, and Naphtali

Introduction: In the Bible, God records events especially from the central point of Israel and in particular Jerusalem. When directions are noted, they are normally from that vantage point. In the same way, when a celestial occurrence is noted, such as the rising of the sun, it is given from man’s perspective on earth.… Read the rest

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