Exodus 27:9-21 (The Court of the Tabernacle)

Exodus 27:9-21
The Court of the Tabernacle

The altar of burnt offering was the last piece of furniture that we looked at. It is the place where the people would come to make their offerings to the Lord. But this wasn’t just arbitrarily set outside of the tabernacle. Instead, it was to be located within a courtyard which would surround the tabernacle.… Read the rest

Exodus 27:1-8 (The Brazen Altar)

Exodus 27:1-8
The Brazen Altar

You’ve heard our eight verses today which deal with the Brazen altar, also known as the Altar of Burnt Offering. Having heard them, are you seeing pictures of Christ and His work in them? When the Israelites came into the courtyard of the tabernacle, this would be the first thing they would see.… Read the rest

Exodus 26:31-27 (The Veil and the Screen, Points of Access)

Exodus 26:31-37
The Veil and the Screen
Points of Access

There are several points of separation between the outside of the White House and the spot where the president sits. If one wants to get in there, they have to get through a guarded fence. After that, there are security checks.… Read the rest

Exodus 26:15-30 (A Sure Foundation and a Steady Frame)

Exodus 26:15-30
A Sure Foundation and a Steady Frame

If you like numbers and their biblical meanings, you will probably love today’s sermon. If not, I have spare pillows under the pulpit for you to feel free to use. Personally, the details of this sermon nearly broke my brain. I honestly struggled, hour after hour, trying to understand each word and verse which even the finest biblical scholars throughout the ages have struggled with.… Read the rest

Exodus 26:1-14 (The Tabernacle and the Tent)

Exodus 26:1-14
The Tabernacle and the Tent

The details for the creation of all things took a tad bit more than a single chapter of the book of Genesis. The instructions for the tabernacle and its associated rites take six chapters, most of which are longer than that first chapter of Genesis.… Read the rest

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