Exodus 30:17-21 (The Bronze Laver)

Exodus 30:17-21
The Bronze Laver

Jesus said in John 13 that he who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean. It’s a verse we’ll revisit today, but it is a simple truth. If we take a nice long shower and then work on an art project in the den for an hour or so, we don’t say, “Gee, I have to go take another shower.”… Read the rest

Exodus 30:1-10 (The Altar of Incense)

Exodus 30:1-10
The Altar of Incense

Every time we look at a new implement or piece of furniture in the tabernacle, at first we might think, “What is this even here for?” Until we look for and find Christ in them, they don’t seem to make any sense. But as soon as we open our eyes and minds to what we are being shown about Him, it all becomes so clear.… Read the rest

Exodus 29:38-46 (I Will Dwell Among Them and be Their God)

Exodus 29:38-46
I Will Dwell among Them and be Their God

If you’ve read through the Old Testament, you may have gotten kind of tired of all the offerings that are mandated in it, especially in Exodus and Leviticus. I actually had a friend quit reading the Bible because of them.… Read the rest

Exodus 29:26-37 (The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons – Part III)

Exodus 29:26-37
The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons, Part III

We go to the mechanic from time to time to get our car tuned up. Only a dummy would think, “I sure am glad I’m getting this done. Now I’ll never have to come here again.” No. Rather, we get a tune up from time to time in order to keep the car running properly.… Read the rest

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