Exodus 37:1-29 (Christ in Every Detail)

Exodus 37:1-29
Christ in Every Detail

On the night before preparing this sermon, I was exceedingly distressed. I lay there asking the Lord for guidance on how to present these verses. Other than the tense of the verbs, they are almost identical to those for the instructions given to Moses.

Literally, there are a handful of words which are different than those previous instructions.… Read the rest

Exodus 36:1-38 (The People’s Offering)

Exodus 36:1-38
The People’s Offering

We’re going to cover more verses today in a single sermon than I have ever presented before. And with many verses comes many details. It doesn’t matter that 31 of the verses have been substantially given to you before, you probably don’t remember 99.837% of what those details pertained to.… Read the rest

Exodus 35:20-35 (Offerings and Artisans)

Exodus 35:20-35
Offerings and Artisans

If you travel around America, especially in the older sections where people moved to and settled, there is one thing you will find of particular note. Normally, right in the center of the original town that was settled, there is a church building. It is where everything else radiates out from.… Read the rest

Exodus 35:1-19 (A Call to Service)

Exodus 35:1-19
A Call to Service

In today’s passage, as with next week’s as well, we will have a significant amount of repetition. However, it is repetition which stems from passages going all the way back through all of the instructions for the construction of the sanctuary.

If you remember more than 1% of what we talked about in those sermons, you have an excuse to nap while we review.… Read the rest

Exodus 34:27-35 (The Refulgency of God)

Exodus 34:27-35
The Refulgency of the Lord

Some years ago, I was reading this passage and it made me think of the words, “the refulgency of God.” The word “refulgent” isn’t very common. It simply means “shining radiantly” or “resplendent.” Thus, the “refulgency of God” would be the shining radiance or resplendent glory of God.… Read the rest

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