When the Church Began – Hyperdispensationalism: Why It Is Wrong – Podcast Audio

An analysis of the heresy of hyper-dispensationalism, also known as the Grace Movement, or mid-Acts dispensationalism. We hope and pray that this study of God’s word will bless you. Hold closely to the Lord, and be encouraged in Him always.

Micah 5:1-5 (The One to Be Ruler in Israel) – Podcast Audio

Our annual Christmas message. We hope this sermon will both bless you and build you up in a sounder theological understanding concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Job 19:23-27 (In My Flesh I Shall See God) – Podcast Audio

Oh God! What you have done for us in Jesus our Lord. Thank you. Job had his moment of understanding, and may we each come to that moment as well. All to Your glory! Thank you for Resurrection Day!

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