100 – Genesis 41:1-13 (Speaking Out When the Time is Right) – Podcast Audio

The details of these verses and insights into how to apply them to your life too. Great things keep coming from the pages of the Bible. This is our 100th sermon from Genesis and I thank you for being here with us.

99- Genesis 40:1- 23 (The Spirits in Prison) – Podcast Audio

A beautiful story of man’s redemption, from the fall until our return to glory, is found in these verses. Come and take a look at the glorious work of Christ on the behalf of fallen man! Wonderful stuff.

98 – Genesis 39:11-23 (False Accusations; Unjust Punishment) – Podcast Audio

A detailed description of these verses and their prophetic fulfillment in Christ Jesus. Great moral lessons and life applications are to be found here.

97 – Genesis 39:1-10 (The Overseer of the House) – Podcast Audio

A detailed analysis of these verses. This is a great passage for understanding proper morality and knowing how to act as a responsible person in employment and in human interaction. Also, this passage has beautiful parallels to the life of Christ.

96 – Genesis 38:24-30 (The One Who Breaks Through) – Podcast Audio

A full explanation of the two major pictures which are seen in Genesis 38. This passage shows the transfer of the message of Christ from the Jews to the Gentiles and how it will someday return to the Jews. Wonderful pictures of coming redemptive history!

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