Ruth 4:13-17 (A Restorer of Life)

Ruth 4:13-17
A Restorer of Life

Introduction: Other than just a short genealogy which comprises five verses of names, we will finish the story of Ruth today. Next week, we’ll look into the details and try to piece together what God is showing us in this wonderful story.

For today though, we will see the birth of a son to Boaz and Ruth and how, curiously, it is said to be Naomi’s son.… Read the rest

Ruth 4:7-12 (I Eschew This Shoe)

Ruth 4:7-12
I Eschew This Shoe

Introduction: On the internet, there is a site called Reverend Fun. It’s linked to Bible Gateway and the site itself is run by a guy who makes cartoons out of Bible passages. From time to time, I’ll send him an idea for a cartoon and he may or may not accept it, but on several occasions he’s used one of them.… Read the rest

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