Numbers 23:13-30 (Balaam’s Second Oracle)

Numbers 23:13-30
Balaam’s Second Oracle

What we can see from Balak in today’s passage is his continued thought that the Lord, meaning Yehovah, is one of many gods. Balaam cannot be said to disagree with this, because he continues to do what he is told by the Lord, but he also continues to make appeals which are based on what is contrary to what the Lord has said.Read the rest

Numbers 23:1-12 (Balaam’s First Oracle)

Numbers 23:1-12
Balaam’s First Oracle

In early 2017, a gathering of self-proclaimed witches around the US came together and performed a mass spell intended to stop President Trump from continuing with his agenda, which they found an unhappy one for their lifestyle choices.

As has been seen in the two years since then, their poofy arts, magic incantations, and summoning of the dark spirits proved to be a flop.Read the rest

Numbers 22:22-41 (The Donkey Speaks)

Numbers 22:22-41
The Donkey Speaks

It dawned on me while getting ready to type this sermon, that of the commentaries I read for sermon prep each week, and despite the scholarly and immensely intelligent nature of those men, they couldn’t really make the pictorial connection to many of the stories that we are reading and analyzing, because they were not alive when the promises of God to Israel had come about.Read the rest

Numbers 22:1-21( Curse this People for Me)

Numbers 22:1-21
Curse This People for Me

I am Mesha, son of Chemosh-gad, king of Moab, the Dibonite. My father reigned over Moab thirty years, and I have reigned after my father. And I have built this sanctuary for Chemosh in Karchah, a sanctuary of salvation, for he saved me from all aggressors, and made me look upon all mine enemies with contempt.Read the rest

Numbers 21:21-35 (Two Foes to Be Destroyed)

Numbers 21:21-35
Two Foes to Be Destroyed

On the day I typed this sermon, I got to verse 27 and needed an analogy concerning the type of literature that is being presented. The Marine Corps hymn came to mind, and so I did a search to pull it up. Ironically, an article concerning the hymn was published that same morning.Read the rest

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