Numbers 26:51-65 (The Second Census, Part II)

Numbers 26:52-65
The Second Census, Part II

Israel is at the door of Canaan. The tribes have been counted except for Levi, and Levi is next. Their counting will be in a different way and for a different purpose, but they too will be counted.

As for the division of the land, that will be by lot.Read the rest

Numbers 26:1-51 (The Second Census, Part I)

Numbers 26:1-51
The Second Census, Part I

Today we have a sermon that is comprised almost solely of names and numbers. Very little else will be presented, and almost all of the time, you will simply be hearing the meaning of the names of the people, or – in some cases – the best guess of the meaning.Read the rest

Numbers 25:1-18 (The Zeal of Phinehas)

Numbers 25:1-18
The Zeal of Phinehas

There are a lot of confusing subjects in Scripture, but one of the most confusing of all comes from the book of James, which, by the way, we are currently going through in our daily verse by verse analysis of Scripture. You might learn something if you follow along *hint hint.*Read the rest

Numbers 24:12-25 (Balaam’s Fourth Oracle)

Numbers 24:12-25
Balaam’s Fourth Oracle

I won’t lie to you. I almost broke my brain on each of these Balaam sermons. They have been complicated, difficult to determine what is being pictured, and scholarly comment on the verses, along with the many translations of them, are so divergent that it seemed almost hopeless to try to resolve what the text is actually saying.Read the rest

Numbers 24:1-11 (Balaam’s Third Oracle)

Numbers 24:1-11
Balaam’s Third Oracle

The words of today’s verses include lots of happy images of Israel’s future exaltation. They are spoken by Balaam about Israel. Of this, there is no doubt, but if that was all the imagery there was to be seen in them, it wouldn’t be a very happy passage.Read the rest

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